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In a dark mysterious place inside the human body, lies a troubled monster.                  

Her creation occurs when a seed of truth fertilizes an ovum of reality. Step by step she grows and evolves and when she finally bursts out, nothing can stand in her way. This monster is the driving force behind my will to create Art.


Amongst the subjects that I deal with, I am currently focusing on culture of materialism, the relations between finance and violence and social relations in modern society.

I really believe that it is in the power of art to influence both individuals and society in general.It is an admonishment absorbed by pleasure , a Trojan Horse concealing the essence of thought.

My greatest wish is that somewhere out there in a dark mysterious place inside a women’s body, an infant is being created,  that will at some time in the future come across one of my works ,which will inspire her to want to change the world. and when she finally will burst out, nothing can stand in her way.

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